Top 10 Toxic Foods from China that You Must Put in the Garbage Now

When food from China comes to your mind, what do you think of ? Is it the savoury, Chinese dishes ? Or is it the fake and toxic foods ? Fake and toxic foods from China has been circling around the internet, and it has become alarming since imported foods from China reaches in different corners of the world.

Toxicity levels of the foods and fake foods from China vary, but this does not mean you can take it easy when it comes to low toxicity level foods. Toxins can affect the body, from mild to life threatening. And even if we try to cleanse out the toxins from our body, the damage of the toxins may persist through several years.

Knowing as much as you can about these toxic and fake foods from China can help you save yourself and your loved ones. Taking advantage of the new technology in terms of research can help you distinguish the fake foods from China and help you spread the word about it. To give you a head start on what foods from China you must avoid, here are ten of the most toxic foods from China.

1 – Processed Mushroom

Mushroom works well in any dish and it is supposed to be very healthy. But it’s not entirely true for processed mushrooms imported from China. Just recently, USA found several types of toxic mushrooms mixed with the non-toxic mushrooms. Though it is convenient to buy processed mushrooms, opting for fresh and organic mushrooms grown locally is your best option.

2 – Chinese Garlic

Chinese garlic has the same issue as the processed mushrooms. In an inspection made by the US with garlics from China, most garlics were positive with high levels of chemicals and toxins. The chemicals are so strong that it leaves a bitter aftertaste.

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