Put These 5 Plants in your Bedroom and You’ll Surely Have Better Sleep

Have you been sleeping well ? How many hours do you sleep on a daily basis ? Sleep is important no matter what age you are. It is a common misconception that only children needs enough sleep and adults can go about not having enough sleep on a daily basis. Without enough sleep, a person’s body will not function well and may cause serious health issues such as obesity, heart diseases and dementia.

Some people try to say excuses about their lack of sleep and reason out that it cannot be helped. However, having this mindset can actually cost your health. If you have not been sleeping well and you think you need help, you don’t have to resort to sleeping medications immediately. There are natural ways of inviting deeper, longer sleep.
Many people get relaxed and have better sleep when they soak in warm water before bedtime. Others try aromatherapy, using candles, potpourri or essential oils. However, this technique is not applicable for some because they can easily be irritated with the smell or scents. Some resort to having a massage before they doze off. But if you want to reinforce your room to get a better sleep, then why not add plants ?

The Best Plants for Your Bedroom

Plants are helpful in many ways and even for sleeping. These plants that can help you sleep better do not just add to the color, life and vibrancy of a room- these also help in keeping your body feel refreshed and relaxed each time you wake up. Here are five of the best plants you can have in your bedroom to ensure a good sleep every night:


One of the most popular aromatic plants is lavender. And did you know that lavender can actually help babies have a good night sleep and reduce their crying. A parent or not, this is good news since it means lavender can definitely help a person get better sleep. In studies made, lavandula or lavender can induce better sleep will help reduce the stress and anxiety level of a person and can help slower the heart rate. There are tons of lavender-based products in the market, but having the real and live lavender on your bedside is still best.

Spider Plant

Spider plant or Chlorophytum comosum is not as scary as it sounds like. This is a common ornamental plant that can either be placed on a plant box or have it planted on a hanging plant pot. Studies suggest that spider plant can cleanse the air and get rid of cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde in the air. It also neutralizes the smell in the air, keeping your room smelling fresh and clean. This plant also produces high amount of oxygen which can help you have a better sleep.

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