You NEED to Read: She LOST 101 Pounds with Weight Watchers!

Name Diane
Age 48
Height 5’5″
Was 227.8 lbs
Lost 101.2 lbs*
Weight 126.6 lbs

 The most awesome thing is knowing that my daughter has healthy habits that she’ll keep for the rest of her life. 

Diane subscribed to Weight Watchers Online with her daughter to teach her healthy habits. Now they’ve both lost weight and gained the knowledge to keep it off.

In Diane’s words:
My weight-loss journey started when I took my daughter, a senior in high school, homecoming dress shopping. She came home in tears because she didn’t like the way she looked in any of the dresses she really loved. That’s when it hit me that I was overweight and teaching her to eat like me. If I didn’t show her the proper way, she’d end up as heavy as I was. I knew that Weight Watchers was a healthy way to lose weight so we both subscribed that day.Why online? 
I work nine to five (and sometimes even later than that!) so I didn’t really have time for meetings. I’d tried Weight Watchers meetings years ago, but I’d never done Online before. When it’s at your fingertips, it’s instantaneous. It’s a few clicks throughout your day. I love the ease of having the Plan with me at all time on my iPhone® and I also track at work.
I love that I can scan foods to find sweets that satisfy me. There are more Plan-friendly options in the cookie aisle than you might think. That’s really important for me because if I deprive myself, I’ll overeat later. Weight Watchers helps me make decisions in the moment instead of estimating, getting home, and realizing that an item is worse for me than I thought. And if I’m out to dinner I can easily look up food and drinks to decide what to order.Making changes 
When I started tracking I realized I wasn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. The fact that all fruit has zeroPointsPlus® values now makes choosing healthy snacks like an apple much easier. Getting started on the Plan was fun. My daughter and I were accountable to each other and we’d make a game of finding low PointsPlus value foods that tasted great. We share meal and snack ideas. The whole process has brought us closer together.Family first
My husband didn’t follow the Plan, but he lost weight too, just because my daughter’s and my eating habits had changed and he was eating the same meals as us. My son is in the military serving in Afghanistan so he hasn’t seen my weight loss yet. I’m excited for him to see the new me when he returns next year!What’s different?
I have so much more energy now. I never exercised before and now I’m a runner! I used to hear people talk about getting a runner’s high and I said, “Yeah right.” But now I know! If I don’t go for a run every couple days, I get antsy. My husband and I bought a treadmill last year as a Christmas present to each other. He’s more active now, too.
I didn’t realize how much weight I was carrying around. At my first 5K which was for wounded soldiers, there was a soldier there wearing an armored vest that weighed 75 pounds. I put it on and I couldn’t believe I had been carrying that around every day. It’s no wonder I was tired every night and had no energy. Now I’m running down grocery aisles now. I have to remind myself to slow down!The best part
I love when people notice my weight loss and say, “How did you do that?!” But the most awesome thing is knowing that my daughter has healthy habits that she’ll keep for the rest of her life.

Credit: WW