The mechanism for survival of the human beings during their evolution has instinctively included foods rich in calories, especially fats, and sugars. Namely, the breast milk is also rich in these two, since it contains 7g lactose per 100ml and 4g fat.

We have all craved for food at times, and this strong, abnormal need for food is commonly due to stress. Newest research examines the mechanisms behind these food cravings, and their reason has been found to be quite complex and to include the e

At times, during the consumption of foods which release calories fast, our body gets the message that it is “safe” – meaning that there is no need that we stay in survival mode.

However, our fast lifestyles and modern diets include sugary and salty foods, rich in additives to hide their tasteless flavor, processed foods, rich in fats, or some fat substitutes.

The consumption of such food has impeded our instinct, and people have lost their dietary balance. Moreover, the prominent reduction of minerals is also due to the intensive agriculture and the processing of foods.

Also, parents often reward their children with sweets and chocolates, as they were something highly valuable. The results of this practice can be difficult to control later in life.

Namely, some foods we desperately crave for can stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain. Moreover, the need of salty food may also indicate dehydration, as excessive amounts of salt cause water retention.

Yet, numerous experts nowadays warn us about the foods which are dangerous and teach us what is healthy to be consumed.

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