Aldi’s New Low Calorie Ready Meals Are a THIRD Cheaper Than Iceland’s Slimming World Ones

The new range from Aldi has less calories and is a third cheaper than Slimming World meals from Iceland

JUST when you thought Aldi was done copying everything, it comes out with a new range of low calorie and low fat ready meals.

The discount supermarket’s new Slim Free range looks very similar to Iceland’s popular Slimming World range – but they are a THIRD cheaper have LESS calories.

Aldi’s ready meals cost £1.99 compared to Slimming World’s which cost £3 in Iceland.

While Aldi’s chicken tikka masala has 371 calories the equivalent from Slimming World has 405 calories.

There are also two other meals in the Aldi range, a Three Beans Vegetable Chilli and a Moroccan Vegetable Stew.

According to Aldi the meals take inspiration from “pancontinental flavours” and are packed full of “lean meat, pasta, pulses and vegetables”.

Aldi weren’t keen to draw any conclusions themselves about which brand the meals were comparable with.

This is very unlike them as in the past they’ve been quick to point out that their candles are just like those sold by posh smelly brand Jo Malone and their lights look like more expensive John Lewis ones.

In fact, they’ve sort of made it part of their success to take popular but pricey items and produce their own cheaper versions.

But it might have something to do with the fact that when Asda was forced to temporarily pull low-calorie range earlier this year due to a battle with Slimming World.

The diet brand was annoyed that Asda has used its point system on packaging and to advertise the range to shoppers.

In particular, it was annoyed that the supermarket said the meals were “free” for Slimming World members to scoff.

Asda quietly returned the range to its shelves just a couple of months later but with the Slimming World mentioned removed.

We contacted Slimming World for a comment about the new Aldi range.

A spokesperson said: “We’re aware of a new range of ready meals in Aldi and have no comment to make at this time.”