After reading this, you may not want to drink Coca-Cola ever again. But with as much as 9 1/2 teaspoons of sugar in one can of Coca-Colaand cancer-causing aspartame in Coke Zero, never taking a sip of the sugary soda is not such a bad idea. While you don’t want to drink Coca-Cola, you will want it for this surprising use: Cleaning. Here’s how:
1. Clean burnt pans. Soak grease-burnt pans in a Coca-Cola bath and watch as the stubborn bits and pieces slide away, says Collective Evolution.

2. Clean kitchen countertops. Wet a cloth with Coca-Cola and use it to quickly clean kitchen countertops, says Remedies and Herbs.
3. Clean tile grout. You would think the color of Coca-Cola would cause the liquid to stain your floor, but according to Collective Evolution, you can use it to clean tile grout. Simply pour Coca-Cola onto your kitchen floor, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe it up using a cloth or paper towel.
4. Polish silver. Soak tarnished silver in Coca-Cola for several minutes. Rinse and then wipe away. Remedies and Herbs explains the Coca-Cola loosens the dirt and stains the build-up on silver.
5. Clean tarnish copper. Shine your Moscow Mule mugs with a cloth dipped in Coca-Cola, says Remedies and Herbs. The acid will dissolve the stain right away.
6. Descale a kettle. Boil Coca-Cola in your electric kettle to descale the kettle, recommends Remedies and Herbs. After the Coca-Cola has boiled for a few minutes, scrub the kettle and rinse before using again.
7. Clean a toilet. WikiHow has a thorough guide with tips for properly cleaning your toilet bowl using Coca-Cola. Pour a single can of soda around the rim and over all stains. Let the Coca-Cola sit for a minimum of one hour, and then flush the toilet. Repeat the process as needed until all stains disappear.
8. Clean an oil spill. If your driveway looks like a getaway crime scene, pour a bottle of Coca-Cola directly onto the oil spill. Allow it to soak in for a few hours, as recommended by Clean My Space. Lastly, use a hose to rinse away the Coca-Cola.
9. Eliminate skunk funk. Forget the tomato sauce. Clean My Space says showering with Coca-Cola will eliminate the smell of a skunk. Make sure to let the Coca-Cola sink into the hair and skin (or fur!) for a few minutes prior to rinsing.
10. Remove rust. The citric acid in Coca-Cola dissolves rust easily. Clean My Space suggests soaking rust-covered golf clubs, pennies, and other object in Coca-Cola for a full 24 hours. Rinse with water and wipe clean.
11. Clean grease stains. If your clothes are filled with grease, don’t despair. Add a can of Coca-Cola to your regular wash and detergent. Clean My Space assures readers this technique effectively removes grease, asphalt, and creosote stains. This method also works for blood, says Remedies and Herbs.
12. Unstick gum. Got gum on the bottom of your shoe? Or worse, in your hair? Collective Evolution says all it takes is applying a touch of Coca-Cola to the place where the gum is stuck. Let it soak for a few moments and then wipe the gum away.
13. Clean a car battery. Car won’t start? Try removing the built-up corrosion with Coca-Cola. Clean My Space says to pour a can of cola directly onto the battery connections. Take extra care to do this while the car is turned off.
14. Shine chrome. Do your chrome wheels need an upgrade? Clean them with Coca-Cola and aluminum foil, as recommended by Collective Evolution.
15. Strip paint. Need to modernize your metal furniture with a new paint job? Collective Evolution suggests soaking a towel in Coca-Cola and then laying it directly on the paint surface. Let it sit for a few moments and then watch as the paint peels right off.