Weight Watchers is coming out with its own wine

Diet empire Weight Watchers is getting into the wine business kind of. The company just announced a lower-calorie Sauvignon Blanc, called Cense, which has fewer points per glass than the typical vino.

People who desire to lose weight are required to keep off from foods that have high calorie contents. Wine comes second after coffee in the list of beverages that have high calorie content. It is due to this that a new kind of wine, Cense, has been launched. This wine was launched by Diet Empire Weight Watchers who have just ventured in the wine making industry. It has significantly reduced calories to help in weight loss. This wine is a special kind of wine that clocks in at one point lower than normal kinds of wines.


The grapes which are used to make Cense wine are grown in Marlborough. They are squeezed to make wine there and are late shipped into the US. During the making of the wine the sugar and calorie content is kept significantly low. The sugar and calorie content hits around 80 in contrast with the 120 for normal kinds of wines. The alcohol level has also been reduced to 9.6%compared to normal wines that go up to 15% alcohol content. Trying to make a good wine with low calorie content was almost impossible. Trying to reduce the alcohol content of a wine was not going to work as they discovered. It was then that they decided to try using a naturally aromatic wine, with high acid content and a flavor that is zesty. Sauvignon Blanc was the closest and the most convenient for the experiment because it does not also require treatment with oak. It is normal to expect that a wine with less alcohol content should have a thinner taste but this is not so with Cense. It has the taste of the Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of red grapefruit, lemon and candied pineapple. The flavor is rich I thee aromas and a generous tipping of acidity to top it all up.


Sence wine was among the first of its kind and therefore a team was required to make it. The Weight Watchers Company had to partner with the California based winery, Truett-Hurst. The two companies did many experiments and trials with different kinds of wines and finally settling with Sauvignon Blanc. This is because they needed to come up with a wine that has low calorie content to help in weight loss. This wine was modified, reduced the alcohol content and topped up with several flavors. The two companies are looking forward to launching this new wine soon. You can however find this Sence wine at a price of around $15. This wine however sells at a discounted price of $13.99 at the Kroger stores.

Diet Empire Weight Watchers ventured into this wine making business to provide people with a wine with low calorie content. Through their partnership with Truett- Hurst, they came up with Sence wine which has been inspired by Sauvignon Blanc but with lower alcohol levels. They also topped it up with flavors like the red grapefruit, candied pineapple and lemon. It does therefore not have the thin taste expected due to the reduced alcohol and sugar levels. It instead has an acidic and crispy taste.