A new strain of cantaloupe was announced by Walmart, the ‘sweet spark’ which is said to be 40% sweeter than their current cantaloupe.

How can such a scientific claim be made against a fruit, which surely is natural and organic and cannot be measured in such a specific way?

That’s because Monsanto have manipulated it to be this way.

Senior vice president of produce and global food sourcing at Walmart Shawn Baldwin explains that customers have come to depend on the inside of a cantaloupe tasting succulent and sweet, and that they tend to buy less of them in the winter as they don’t taste as good.

Any sane person would be able to tell you that is because fruit, by it’s very nature is seasonal, and you cannot expect the same tasty crops all year round.

Sadly, Walmart and Monsanto have decided that you CAN actually produce the same tasty fruit all year round, with a little bit of tweaking at the growing stage.

They have used cross-breeding to develop this new super fruit, purely to meet the greedy needs of consumers who have grown accustomed to have exactly what they want, when they want it.

A little thing like nature shouldn’t get in their way.

And this Frankenstein melon isn’t the first time Monsanto have used this clever little trick to manipulate produce, they have done the same with their EverMild onion, Bellafina bell peppers and Beneforte broccoli.

Monsanto won’t let the seasons stand in the way of their desire for all-year-round profits.