Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Eat Guyabano Fruit

It has a green, “spiky” skin, white flesh and black, elongated seeds- the guyabano fruit. For many years now, this fruit has gone up the ladder of the healthiest foods. Guyabano is a local term used in the Philippines, but it is also famous for the names soursop (English), corossol (French) and guanabana (Spanish). This exotic fruit is ripe once it becomes soft and the white flesh will have a great mildly sweet and sour taste.

Many are now hooked on this fruit because of its health benefits and the fact that it is a tasty one. The plant of guyabano is known to be native to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean Islands of Hispaniola and Southeast Asia. This fruit started to become known and adored by many health buffs because of the claims that it can kill or prevent cancer cells from growing. While there are some who use the leaves as tea, we will focus on the benefits of the guyabano fruit.

Guyabano kills parasites

There will be times when you eat something nasty and you feel like you have parasites inside your system, then try getting guyabano in your daily meals. Guyabano is an effective parasite killer and can exterminate the nasty and dangerous parasites in your body. Some parasites can cause simple stomachache to life threatening complications.  You can simply make shake or eat guyabano it as is and you have a potent parasite killer.

Guyabano boosts the body’s energy

If you are feeling less energetic by the day, try adding guyabano in your diet and you will surely get the energy level you desire. How ? Guyabano is filled with B vitamins which can easily boost the body’s energy level without adding to your weight, making it a steady and ideal source of energy.

Guyabano can calm your tummy

If you have diarrhea or anticipation, eating guyabano can be your remedy instead of over-the-counter pills. Guyabano has natural tummy-calming properties that can keep your bowel movement regular. Dietary fiber and water content of the guyabano are just two of the reasons why you get a great bowel movement and a calmer tummy.

Guyabano is filled with antioxidants

Since guyabano contain various vitamins, you are assured that you also get antioxidants. The most prominent is Vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant. Vitamin C can boost the immune system of the body which can help prevent the body from getting any diseases, from simple flu to cancer.

Guyabano provides relief from fever and headache

If you feel nauseated, have a bad headache or feel like you’ll have a fever, having a guyabano can help you recover or halt all these. Remember that guyabano contains powerful antioxidants and this boosts the immune system. Another important guyabano property is riboflavin which is known to help cure fever, headache and nausea. You can also make tea from the leaves, which is also very powerful source of riboflavin.

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