Slimming World’s chocolate vanilla cheesecake

This chocolate vanilla cheesecake recipe by Slimming World is utterly delicious. The cheesecake should only take you 30 mins to rustle up, the hard part is having to be patient while it sets in the fridge. This recipe uses bourbon cream biscuits for the chocolate base, vanilla yogurt for the creamy topping and a drizzle of dark chocolate on top. We can’t believe you can eat this and still lose weight! This delicious cheesecake serves 8 people making it the perfect choice for dinner parties or celebrations. No-one has to know that they’re eating a Slimming World dessert – they’ll never know!


8 bourbon cream biscuits, finely crushed

40g Flora Light, melted

11.5g sachet Hartley’s Sugar Free Lemon & Lime jelly crystals

12g sachet powdered gelatine

4 x 175g pots Mullerlight Vanilla yogurt

2 tsp vanilla extract

150g quark

2 tbsp sweetener

40g dark chocolate, broken into pieces

2 level tsp cocoa powder, to decorate