Slimming World Haribo Style Sweets

If you’re following Slimming World, I’m sure you’ve seen these tasty little sweets floating around the internet, you may have even tried them yourself or enjoyed them at a taster evening. They’re Slimming World Haribo Style Sweets!

They’re not exactly like real Haribo sweets, because if they were they wouldn’t be just 1.5 syns for the whole batch now would they!? Instead they’re more like extra firm jelly, coupled up with some slightly less firm jelly.

Don’t let that put you off though, because they’re delicious and make a fantastic sweet treat to totally get rid of sweet cravings. What’s more, is that whilst the whole batch is 1.5 syns that’ll most likely last you a few days as I certainly couldn’t eat these all at once, and I doubt you will be able to either!

I just made these in a square Tupperware container, but you could do them in individual molds if you wanted to…I’m just not that fiddly!

Delicious jelly sweets to curb all of your sweet cravings!


1 Sachet Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly (I used the raspberry one)

2 Sachets Powdered Gelatine

1 Muller Light (I used vanilla)