Slimming world friendly hash brown breakfast tower burger


I always have to have a good breakfast and it really is the mantra of “the bigger the better” for me. This slimming world friendly hash brown breakfast tower burger has a bit of everything and even some speed veggies!

How to make it

It’s super easy to make, it’s basically hash browns with all your fave breakfast bits in between. For this reason my “recipe” if it can even be called that is super relaxed.

For the hash browns grate a couple of potatoes and squeeze out the excess juice. Slice or grate an onion and add to the potatoes with an egg to bind. Mix together with some salt. Whack in a mould or straight on a tray that has been covered with frylight and cook on high (about 220) for about 20 mins. I make mine quite deep so I tend to turn the oven down low for an extra ten mins to cook through.

For my filling I added beans, cheese, mushrooms, egg, tomatoes and sausage. The sausage I used was Aldi frozen Irish sausage, 2.5 syns each so five syns total for this meal. I love this sausages but like with the rest of the ingredients – use what ever you like! The cheese was have my daily allowance of HexA and is mature cheddar melted in the microwave and poured on.