Here Is How This Simple Ingredient Will Solve Your Hair Problems!

The table salt (as we know it) is mainly composed of chemical substance, sodium chloride which is a part of larger salt class. The sea salt is salt type formed by the sea water evaporation.

The salt is important for our lives. The saltiness is one of the primary and basic human tastes. It is used in cooking all over the world. But it also has beauty benefits. Adding salt in beauty products can do miracles for the skin a hair.


– Anti-oily hair

The oily hair comes from excessively active scalp’s sebaceous glands. But you can solve this issue by using salt. You need to add 2-3tbs. of salt in your shampoo and wash the hair. The results will be visible after few treatments and the hair will be healthy with no excess of oil.

– Anti-dandruff treatment

The dandruff is a layer on the scalp formed from small dead skin cell pieces. The salt is stimulating circulation and it eliminates the dandruff flakes. It protects the scalp from fungal growth. Divide the hair into sections, add one to two tsp. of salt on the scalp and massage it with wet fingers for ten minutes. Wash as normally.

– Hair growth

The sea salt is very beneficial for the growth of the hair. If you suffer from hair loss you can use this salt to stimulate the growth of the hair. Wash the hair as normally and massage the wet scalp with salt for ten to fifteen minutes and wash the hair again. Do it 2 times a week for two months and the results will be amazing.