Science Says Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight

Are you one of those people who love to have a glass of wine in the evening ? Are you worried about gaining weight ? Well you’re in for some good news. According to a new study, a glass of your favorite red (or white, hey we love all wine) could actually help you lose weight.

Scientists at Washington State University and Harvard believe that a chemical in wine helps to stop fat cells from expanding.

Drinking two glasses of wine a day can help prevent obesity by 70%. So grab that corkscrew!
So why the stipulation that you drink in the evening ? Those calories help to keep you feeling full. That means there’s less chance of a late night binge in the refrigerator.


The University of Denmark had similar findings. They say that people who drink some wine each day are thinner.
Harvard studied 20,000 people and found that the people who gained weight were less likely to be drinkers.

This is great news for the wine lovers out there! Grab a glass of your favorite red and say cheers to slimmer waistlines.