People usually go for chemical medicine to treat their cysts. Perhaps because not lot of people know that there’s actually an effective natural remedy to make cyst disappear. Here you will find a natural remedy for ovarian and kidney cysts. These ingredient has been known for its ability to strengthen immunity after treatment of serious illnesses.

The two ingredient we talked about before are leaves from spelt (triticum spelta) and healing green juice from sprouts. First, let’s talk about the grain first.

Spelt is a grain originally comes from southern Asia. This grain was spread to Middle East 9000 years ago and then started to spread to the whole Europe. After used for centuries, the use stop and only utilize to feed top race horses.

Nowadays, this grains is used in many placed, mainly for the reason because people who are allergic to wheat are not allergic to spelt. However, this grain still contains glutens, though in a relatively smaller amount compare to other grain. Still, people who are allergic to gluten are not recommended to consume this spelt.

Spelt taste delicious and has a nutty flavor. This grains has a thick membrane that protect it from insect and pesticides as well as other toxic substances. Spelt’s ability to strengthen immune system is much attributed to this thick membrane.

So how do spelt become a natural remedy and dissolve cysts on kidney and ovaries? Spelt contain some important substances that can fight cancer cell, including chlorophyll and vitamin B17.

Chlorophyll in Spelt boost oxygen level in the blood and prevent the growth of cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warburg who won Nobel Prize in 1931 was the one who discover this substance and unveil their benefit to fight cancer.

Spelt also contains amazing juice with more than 300 enzymes. One of those enzymes are very rare and only exist in our body after birth. Over time, due to various factors such as stress, diet and toxins we only left with small amount of them in the liver. However, drinking this beverage will reproduce the enzyme and strengthen your body.

Another substance you can find in Spelt is B17 that has the ability to destroy cancer cells. To take the benefit of consuming this drink, you have to consume it fresh or while frozen. Drink it early in the morning before you consume anything.