How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy With the Japanese Morning Diet

As soon as Hitoshi Watanabe published his book “The morning banana diet”, this diet regimen became a huge international hit.

It promises to help you lose up to 10 pounds within a week, without having to invest any special efforts or incorporate some specific healthy routines into your lifestyle.

All you have to do is to eat bananas with a glass of water at room temperature every morning, and you can eat all you want during the day.

Apparently, Watanabe tried all sorts of methods and failed to lose weight, so he wrote down all the diet regimens he had tried previously and their effects. He also wrote about the scientific knowledge of his wife Sumiko, a pharmacist, in the field of preventive medicine.

The couple worked together and created the Morning Banana Diet, which requires that the breakfast consists of bananas and a glass of water. Yet, note that you should not eat anything until the lunch.

Bananas are rich in resistant starch which actively stimulates weight loss, as it goes directly in the large intestine. Bacteria convert it into short-chain fatty acids that feed cells and support the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

The method does not limit the number of bananas you should eat, so you can eat as many as you need to keep you full.

The 80/20 rule of the Japanese is really healthy and beneficial. It helps you not overload the stomach with food, as they eat only 80% of the served portion, and leave the last 20%.

To boost the metabolism, you should drink a glass of warm water in the morning, wait for an hour, and then eat the banana. If you are not full, eat another banana after 20 minutes.

You can eat anything for lunch and dinner, but make sure your snacks between these meals are fruit only.

Watanabe says that you should avoid milk and alcohol during the diet regimen, and the last meal should be at 8 pm. Studies have shown that going late to bed leads to weight gain, so make sure you go to bed by midnight.

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