How Do I Lose Weight Of About 7 Kg In a Month?


It is possible to loose 7 kg or even more in a month. It depends on a lot of factors. As you said your weight is 75 kgs, it also depends on what’s your height. A man of 6′2″ would not be able to loose 7 kg as easily as a 5′ man. For a woman it is even difficult.

Secondly as you said that you are going for zumba classes. It matters as to what is your entire days activity and when and how u do it.

Primarily your weight loss is defined by the diet you eat. Fat is accumulated in the body to safeguard the body from any drought like situation which may arise where food is unavailable. It is like a fixed deposit and therefore very difficult to loose. You will not break your banks fix deposit unless very important right ?

But, staying hungry or missing meals actually puts your body in overdrive to save more as it feels the insecurity of not getting food in future.

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