Drink These 6 Drinks at Night and Lose Those Extra Pounds

Someone with a great metabolism can just eat anything they like and still have the same weight simply seem unfair. There are also some who find exercise as their way of keeping their weight in check. But what about people who simply don’t have much time on hand and sleep is the only time you get to rest ? If you go under this group, then you surely want to find the best way to lose some weight in the easiest possible way.

Though having a great diet can help, it may not always be enough to keep the metabolism of a person at its finest. But what if there is a way to lose a few pounds as you sleep ? Yes, there is a way to lose weight and even help the body be healthier than ever by drinking detoxifying beverages you can drink before you go to sleep and find yourself losing weight effectively. Here are a few detox beverages you can try.

1 – Simple Cucumber Detox Smoothie

Cucumber is great in detoxifying the body, this is why a lot of people eat and add this on their diet. Having cucumber for a snack is lovely, but having it for a smoothie is even better. If you are not fond of smoothies, then you can simply make a detox water. Simply add slices of cucumber, orange, lemon or lime in water and let it chill.

2 – Chamomile Tea

For those cold nights, trying a chamomile tea is soothing and warming. It’s also very useful in losing a few pounds even as you sleep. Chamomile is filled with antioxidants which can remove toxins and help the body burn excess fats even as you sleep.

3 – Ginger Cucumber Drink

Ginger is a powerful antioxidants and cucumber acts the same way, so this combination is a surefire to create a detoxifying drink. Ginger can be made into a tea and you’ll have a spicy, hot tea. But with the cool cucumber, the spice of the ginger will make the concoction taste better.

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