How To Determine Types Of Belly Fat And Ways To Melt It

To get rid of punctured tire belly and visceral abdominal fat, you need to cut back on sugar, processed food and caffeine, eat regular small-portioned meals, control emotional eating and exercise regularly. For low belly fat, some movement combined with a varied diet and healthy juices should work. To reduce belly bloating, consume drinks that improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

When you’re at an ideal weight, the hormones and chemicals secreted by fat cells are actually healthy. The problem arises when you have more and larger fat cells than normal, which often occurs in an individual who is overweight. Both traditional medicine and modern medicine agree on the fact that excess belly fat is the primary root cause of many serious health problems including hypertension, diabetes, and chronic inflammation.

Here are some pointers on the types of belly fat, and what you can do to keep them in check.
Subcutaneous Fat

We tend to be most bothered about subcutaneous fat – fat that accumulates below the skin all over the body but more generously around our waist, thighs and hips. This fat is visible to the eye, plays havoc with our body shape and an eye sore – which all of us want to get rid of as quickly as possible. However, subcutaneous fat is relatively harmless, from a health risks perspective. The urge to get rid of it has more to do with social and cultural mores – in any case, not all cultures look down upon those who look fat, and these perceptions tend to change over time too.

If you are able to walk, run, climb up stairs, play some sports, dance, sleep well, and are free from infections and diseases – in other words, if you are healthy – you don’t need to worry about subcutaneous fat. You can always put in some hours of exercise to tone your body, if you really want to.

Low Belly Fat

The soft stomach in the lower abdomen is usually associated with a sedentary life style and minor digestive issues. If you are otherwise lean, but are seeing a gradual increase in girth (the pants are getting tighter), low belly fat is probably what you have. While not a grave cause for concern, best to nip it in the bud.

Include regular moderate-intensity exercise and add digestive herbs to your diet. Often, the results show up very quickly – within a few days or at most a few weeks, depending on your body type and metabolic profile.

Punctured Tire Belly Fat

The pronounced fat bulge around the waist occurs mainly due to a prolonged sedentary life style and unbalanced diet leading to obesity. You know you have a punctured tire belly if – well, how can you miss it ?

You will have to say a staunch NO to processed and fried foods, sugar, alcohol and sodas and keep a tab on food portions. Include regular moderate-intensity exercise in your daily schedule and switch to a weight-control diet consisting of whole grains, beneficial fats (poly-unsaturated fats and medium chain saturated fats), lean proteins, essential minerals and vitamins. Progress can be slow and sometimes unsteady – there might be periods where there is no visible impact on weight or girth and then some periods where there are sudden changes – stick to your plan nevertheless.

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