Clean Your Mouth! Goodbye To Cavities, Plaques, Bad Smell and Make Your Teeth Totally White

Have you ever seen a documentary about Tibetan monks and wondered how come they have perfect teeth? Even though they are hundreds of miles away from the nearest dentist or even a shop in which they can buy basic supplies such as tooth paste, the monks keep their teeth healthy and immaculately white.

Their secret is in a traditional, homemade remedy which not only prevents cavities and plaque buildup, but it also eliminates bad breath and keeps the teeth pearly white.


  1. One tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt, and one tablespoon of Kosher salt should be mixed in half a glass of cold water which was boiled previously, and stirred for a minute
  2. Remove the foam floating on top
  3. Brush your teeth with the mixture regularly
  4. Rinse your mouth with the rest of the mixture

This method improves teeth strength and whiteness, and destroys bacteria built up in your mouth. Some initial sensitivity to the mixture is expected, and not a cause for alarm.

Food for whitening

Even though they do it for other health reasons, Tibetan monks keep their teeth white by consuming certain types of food:

  1. Sesame seeds are chewed for stain and plaque removal
  2. Broccoli contains tons of iron which strengthens the teeth
  3. Mushrooms fight gingivitis effectively
  4. Green/Black tea eliminate bacteria and keep your mouth fresh
  5. Cheese neutralizes the pH balance in your mouth and prevents cavities
  6. Strawberries have xylitol which prevents cavities and eliminates bacteria

Another great part of Tibetan monks’ life style is that they do not consume cigarettes or alcohol, both of which are known to stain teeth and improve tooth decay. Sweets and artificial sweeteners should also be avoided, as well as soft drinks.