Avoid Pain At Any Age and Stay Flexible With These 12 Everyday Stretches

The sedentary lifestyle we lead nowadays causes severe health issues, including muscle pain, neck tension, shoulder tension, and lower back pain.

These problems are usually treated with the help of painkiller or creams, but it would be much better if you prevent them in the first place.

Stretching is an incredibly effective way to energize the body, improve blood flow, improve flexibility, and prevent pain. It is also a natural way to relieve stiff joints and muscles and prevent injuries.

Yet, you must follow these tips:

Stretch slowly

You should not stretch injured muscles

Stretch chronically tight areas

Relieve the stiffness with the help of magnesium

To boost muscle growth, you should practice stitching after the exercise

Hold the stretches for 20-30 seconds to force the muscles to relax

Here are 12 effective stretches to treat muscle pain:

Before you start, align the neck with the spine, and sit with the chin tuck down and back.

Neck Rotation

Turn the head to the right side, hold for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the left.

Neck Tilt

Stretch the neck with the weight of the arm, and repeat on both sides.

Fold Over

The neck should be positioned properly, and then bend over in the chair.

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