8 Smart Tips for Eating Healthy on a Super Tight Budget

Healthy food can be expensive and grocery shopping could be an overwhelming task to do especially when you have a very tight budget. Here we have compiled 8 sure-fire ways to help  you to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Shop with a Full Stomach

This may seem the oldest rule for shopping but it is generally true. Eating before you shop will help you avoid impulsive buying and purchase items that you don’t actually need. In addition, shopping while hungry will lead you to buy food items with high calorie and fat content just because you crave for it as of the moment.

Buy Foods in Season

Purchase foods in season and save some bills in your wallet. Food items specifically fresh produce which are in season are sold cheaper in the local market. They are also in their highest quality and are very abundant. It is also the best time to prepare and cook recipes with ingredients in season and preserve and stock them in your fridge for future use. It is also a great time to experiment and try new recipes and rework on the old ones

Purchase in Bulk

Large food packages are sold cheaper than their individual counterparts. Just see to it that you have available proper storage for the large volumes of food in your pantry. Also, foods available in bulk have longer shelf-life and expiration dates. Look for healthy foods in big discount stores and get the cheapest deals. Organic and natural foods available in the bulk section of grocery stores can offer up to 50 percent savings than packaged food products.

Opt for Canned Goods

Healthy canned products such as canned vegetables, beans, baby carrots, corn and mushroom are way cheaper than their fresh counterparts. More options such as healthy light soup, canned fruit juices, and tuna could also be stored for a long time in your pantry.

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