It is a common experience among members of Weight Watchers. A sinking feeling of despair stemming from a lack of progress. Yes, you have been working out hard, making good choices and living healthy but these sacrifices are not replicated when you stand on the scales. I have been plagued by the same frustration for months now. But the good news is that I have identified a total of six mistakes which I and many other Weight Watchers have been making and thereby making it almost impossible to attain the results we set out to. However, before taking a look at these mistakes, it is necessary that I provide some update on the progress I have nonetheless made up to this point in time.
The last update I had posted was after a family holiday which I look back to with mixed feelings. While I and my family had many pleasant memories, I am sorry to say I let myself go and over-indulged in some not-so-healthy foods. My last post was about how I was pumping myself up to getting back on the right weight loss track.

Nothing would please me better than to announce that I have consistently lost five pounds a week since I resolved to cut my holiday gains. Sadly, it didn’t turn out as well as I had planned it to go. Sometimes I have made very good losses over a short period of time. However, on the main it has been a case of two steps forward, one step back and vice versa.
The past couple of months have been more positive than gloomy though. I have managed to shed off a considerable nine pounds. But I am reluctant to give myself a pat on the back in the face of more challenging months in the past. I have already steeled myself to tell my story, even when there is not much to gloat about. Afterward I will cover all the aforementioned mistakes so you can also learn from my experience.
A Quick Update on My Weight Loss Journey Let us begin with the good news. This far I have gone down 4 pant sizes and from my Weight Watchers tracker I have trimmed 31.6 pounds compared to when I started. That I have managed to drop over thirty pounds in a period spanning about 8 calendar months means I have been losing 0.9 pounds per week. This is considerably lower than the Weight Watcher average of between 1 and 2 pounds a week but I feel elated by my progress nonetheless.
While there are days I feel like the journey has been too tough and there is not enough to show for it I take courage from the considerable achievements I have chalked off.
Some Reasons for Feeling Grateful After Losing Over 30 Pounds

1. Every time I am able to fit easily into a pair of pants which were previously too tight I feel an inner glow of accomplishment

2. I take a great sense of satisfaction when I am able to buy new clothes in much smaller sizes, not to talk of some favorite items I am recovering from the basement because they now fit well

3. I look forward to my doctor’s appointments as I always have news of having lost some extra weight

4. The greatest satisfaction comes from the small things I can now do with ease. Stuff like being able to bend down and tie shoes effortlessly. I have been amazed at the number of everyday things which were made almost impossible by my overweight condition. Better still, I marvel at how I no longer have to notice that I am able to do these little things with ease now that my weight has gone down.

All these four items offer me a sense of perspective whenever I feel like giving up. What is more, as I can point out that the journey to my ultimate body weight is just a third way through, I cannot afford to give up. It may be taking a little bit longer than I had at first anticipated but every little gain is worth the wait and sacrifice.

While I have accomplished something worth celebrating, I cannot dismiss the other side of the coin as well. Over the past couple of weeks for instance, my weight has leveled off. As hard to take as it may sound, I believe I have been proactive and made just the right choices in the last fortnight as at any other point since I joined Weight Watchers. What is it that has been holding me back from losing weight despite my best efforts?
However I agonize over my current predicament, there is no way to avoid the obvious truth:


Weight Watchers are not to blame when I over indulge in the Mexican restaurant as I did just last week. Indeed, every time I have to agonizingly watch the numbers rise up when I climb the scales, I can almost certainly recall one or two wrong choices I made in the past week. But attending WW meetings gives more reasons to spur ahead and make a better set of decisions over the following weeks. I simply cannot afford to despair and go back to the erstwhile pattern of unbridled weight gain after weight gain.

In order to try and stem this trend of negative weight loss changes over the recent past, I have had a big rethink of what it is I must be doing wrong. This is how I ended up making this list of the six mistakes I have been making and therefore compromising my weight loss goals with Weight Watchers. Here they are in no particular order:

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