5 Types of Belly Fat and How to Get Rid of Them

Surplus belly fat, which is common in both men and women, can be terrifying. Suddenly, you are stuck with a hanging belly that you cannot seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try. In order to shed the deposits of fat in the abdominal area, you will first need to find out the underlying cause and resolve it and then focus on shaping the body and the abdomen.

The Different Types of Belly Fat

As previously mentioned, your belly fat may be a result of numerous contributing factors, from eating specific foods to general weight gain. With this in mind, we prepared a list with the 5 most common types of belly fat, what causes them, and how to shed the surplus fat.

Alcohol belly

Excessive amounts of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages can impede the body’s digestion. Moreover, these drinks are rich in calories. To treat this problem, avoid drinking alcohol and consume more veggies and fruits.

Postpartum belly

After childbirth, the belly cant still be filled with fat. Therefore, to get rid of it, you should massage the abdominal area and do adequate exercises. You can also consult your physician for advice.

Stressed-out belly

Lack of sleep and too much stress can affect the body in different ways. One way is increase in the abdominal fat. To solve this issue, try to have at least 8 hours of sleep per night and stay away from unhealthy foods. Also, reduce the intake of coffee.

Hormonal belly

A misbalance in the hormones is known to cause weight gain and surplus belly fat. To shed it, make healthier changes to your diet and also consult a professional.

Bloated belly

Digestive issues can easily lead to flatulence and bloated belly. To treat the problem, start drinking more water and consume probiotics.

Source: www.curejoy.com