11 Important Reasons Why Children Under The Age of 12 Should Not Use Handheld Devices

young girl holding mobile phone looking to camera

The modern era is the time of various mobile devices, computers in every home, and the internet, so we encounter with these on a daily basis.

Yet, even though technology has its huge advantages, the constant use of these devices by children seriously harms their health, learning, and development.

We reveal 11 reasons why you should keep your child away from your mobile device or tablet:

  1. Radiation exposure

The head of a child has two times greater capacity to absorb radiation, and the bone marrow of its skull absorbs ten times the radiation absorbed by an adult. This exposure raises the risks of developing cancer and brain tumor, and severely affects the development of the brain.

  1. Social Interactions and Anxiety

As children become more prone to using technology, they fail to develop face-to-face social skills. They easily express their emotions and thoughts by texting and messaging, and cannot learn to express and understand tone, touch, body language, voice, and facial expressions.

This also influences their skills to communicate and have meaningful interactions and relationships, and solve problems.

  1. Poor Sleep

Children need more sleep than adult people, and the use of mobile phones and screens interferes with the quality and quantity of sleep. This leads to serious negative consequences on their mental and physical health and development.

  1. Aggression

You cannot control everything your child encounters on the Internet, so it might easily become exposed to violent media, especially via online games, that will lead to antisocial tendencies and aggressive behavior.

  1. Learning Difficulties

Children easily access to various entertainment forms on the internet, so they become distracted and face difficulties to pay attention at school. This, in turn, causes impaired visual memory, inability to focus, reduced imagination, and less productive work.

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