10 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating

Ever since this word spread across the globe, it has instilled fear in many. Cancer is a disease that can strike anyone at any age. It is one of the most traitorous diseases, making it look like you have recovered only to go and attack the body with more resistant cancer cells. And it does not even matter if you are rich or poorest of the poor.

But with the help of researchers dedicated to find all things about cancer and other experts who find things that can lead to growth of cancer. And with years of research, there are some foods that were found to be the likely cause of cancer. Some of these foods might be part of your daily diet and you must reduce or even stop the chances of acquiring cancer.

1 – White Flour

Most processed foods and modern breads contain white flour. This ingredients is extremely helpful in making different foods, but it may also be a big factor in the development of cancer cells in the body. White flours often contain high amount of carbohydrates which can cause fat deposits if not burned. White flour may also cause hyperglycemia and affect the person’s health and fuel the growth of cancer cells.

2 – Processed Meat

Processed meat goes through several processes and may contain other ingredients, additives and excessive salt. These processes, additives and high salt content can make the meat look attractive and have extended shelf life. However, these ingredients are also known carcinogens, which means eating these processed meats in excess can definitely cause cancer.

3 – Salted, Smoked or Pickled Foods

Excess salt is bad enough, and most people can accept that. However, smoked and pickled foods may come a surprise. Smoked and pickled foods go through chemical changes and can likely cause increased risk of stomach and colorectal cancer because of the damages caused by the foods on the stomach and digestive system.

4 – Carbonated Drinks, Alcohol and Soda (NEXT PAGE)