10 Best Slimming World Iceland Essentials

I love Iceland.. not only because they stock the Slimming World branded products but also because they stock some really helpful foods which help me stick to the plan.

I am choosing 10 of my top essential buys from Iceland and placing them before your eyes today ? I hope they help you out when you are next In Iceland or if you just need a bit of inspiration during your next shop.

1. White Rice Micro Steam Bags

These are literally my weekly saviours… I HATE cooking rice, it makes a mess and seems to take forever. So I turn to these micro bags and they are completely SYN FREE. 3 minutes in the microwave make me a very happy girl indeed

2. Butcher’s Market Lean Beef Steak Mince 5% Fat

I have only recently discovered this 5% fat frozen mince and I am so glad I have. I always found the fresh stuff harder to freeze and always found myself using too much. This huge bag is amazing to keep the freezer and weigh out exactly what I need for recipes. It’s really cheap too working out at only £5.56 per 1 kg compared to the fresh options which are approx £7.50 per 1 kg. Oh did I forget to mention its 100% SYN FREE too!

3. Diced Onion

I seriously cannot remember the last time I diced an actual onion… I always choose the frozen diced version. It saves any wastage, its cheap and its already chopped… what other reason is there? Oh yes it’s SYN FREE!

4. Mini Vienna Lollies

Oooohh now these are my favourite mini go to treats for just 3 SYNS each. They taste just like a Walls Viennetta.

5. Stir Fry Mix

I love a good stir fry but the prep sometimes bores me.. these Stir Fry bags are so quick and easy to cook. Also totally SYN FREE. Just add a little Syn free Soy sauce for extra taste.

6. Sliced Ready Cooked Chicken Breast Pieces

Pair my last suggestion with this Syn free suggestion and you have the perfect chicken stir fry! Quick, cheap and easy.

7. A Juicy Berry Mix Of Red Fruit

I am always throwing away fresh fruit and vegetables… I buy it all with the good intentions of using it and it usually ends up in the food waste bin. So I am a firm buyer of frozen fruits and vegetables. Less waste is always good. I love this frozen berry mix for overnight oats, baked oats or just as a general breakfast topper.  They are SYN FREE too.

8. Casserole Vegetables

Pop these in the slow cooker with some diced chicken and some chicken stock and you have yourself a very cheap, quick and easy Syn free Chicken casserole.

9. Tuna Steaks

I am not a huge lover of fish but I do love tuna in tinned or steak form. These are perfect.. sprinkle with some lemon juice and a season of salt & pepper, wrap in foil and place in the oven. They are a Syn free delicious meal.

10. Sweet Potato Chunks

Pop these onto a baking tray and spritz with Frylight.. place them into the oven and you will have some quick and easy Syn free sweet potato chips/wedges. So quick and easy.