1/2 Syn Sticky Chocolate Pudding

OMG guys this was amazing!!!!

You are allowed to spilt your healthy extras 50/50. I’m a senior consultant, so please know this is correct information.

It’s only half a syn and a HEB and a bit of your HEA.


Play around with flavours. Sticky toffee pudding would be easy, just add some toffee flavouring, coconut choc shot, orange essence, coffee?! The opportunities are endless!!

Your amount you get of the prunes for a HEB vary, so please check the ones you buy. Whitworths are 80g so I love them !! The wheat bran is 60g as a b choice, you only need 30g for this.

Where I say mix together, I used a food processor so the prunes go a bit more like a paste. Use a mug, cup or bowl.

Only takes 4 minutes in a microwave.

Serve with speedy berries and quark.