honestly, if you struggle making this, you need to pop yourself into a nursing home now

blitz the breadcrumbs and the various powders together in a food processor – you don’t want it like dust, but just fine crumbs

beat your egg in a little bowl

take a strip of chicken, drop it in the egg, make sure it is covered, put it into the bread/spice mix, cover well, and place on a baking sheet.  If you have cheap trays that stick, either grease them a smidge or use non-stick lining

into the oven they go – twenty minutes on one side, turn them, and fifteen minutes on the other on a 200degree heat

take them out if they burn, obviously

serve with BBQ beans (we added a drop of chipotle rub into our beans before cooking), fries (We use this little potato chipper to make decent shaped fries in a jiffy! Only £7), corn if you want and coleslaw if you can be bothered to make your own.