She Lost 225 Pounds At Age 63 By Following These 7 Simple Steps

  1. Don’t EMBARK on a “DIET.”

Naylor has tried several different weight loss programs before she found TOPS including Pounds Watchers and Jenny Craig; however, she constantly re-gained her weight.
What was different this time was that instead of seeing her lifestyle changes as a “diet,” she simply approached it as small changes for a healthier and longer life. She increased her vegetable intake and cut down on fast food.

I determined what worked for me personally,” she said.

  1. Don’t Give Up!

There’s no doubt you’ll hit weight-loss plateaus on the way – that’s just part of the game – but keep up the work and you’ll continue to lose weight steadily.

It could take six or maybe eight weeks for the scale to move, but throughout that time, you will see the inches coming off of the body,” she said pointing out that it’s vital not to quit!

  1. Have One Meal at a Time!

Candy, snacks and ice cream are always temptations for me. Remaining healthy is a continuous, each day decision,” Naylor said.

Today, Naylor, 63, feels better than ever. She can do all the fun open air activities in her group. In her words: “On the off chance that she can achieve it, so would you be able to! Begin little, and just start – don’t continue putting it off until Monday.”